T300 Hub Temperature

T300 Hub Temperature

Postby Tony » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:28 pm

I have been noticing that my T300 sprocket hubs are exceedingly hot after a couple hours of usage. When I say hot, I mean you can't put your finger on it for more than a second. When you spray it with water, it steams off and is dry in a matter of seconds. I would be able to give you an accurate number, but my heat sensor has a dead 9 volt battery and I didn't have a spare on-hand. I'll pick up a replacement soon and get a good number. I asked a few folks at the Bobcat dealer and one seemed to think high heat is normal and another acted a little surprised, but didn't mention a critical concern.

As a side note, I changed the hub oil a few weeks ago (using the method in the service manual and with Bobcat oil from the dealer), but I can't say that it wasn't getting hot before and I never noticed it.

Is this normal?
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