T300 Electrical Issue

T300 Electrical Issue

Postby Tony » Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:53 pm

bwbigred wrote:I have an early 2000's bobcat T 300 with the keyless start system. Out of nowhere every once and a while the machine shuts off. When I go to try starting it the screen lights up and then goes blank almost like it's losing power. Sometimes it'll happen often and other times it won't happen for a whole day. I checked all my battery connections does anybody have any idea. Once and a while it will run for a few seconds and shut off. It does t big or run rough just shuts right off.

I can almost guarantee it is a heat issue with the keyless "module". I know because I've been chasing the exact same issue. I've been using a big piece of cardboard to cover the whole roof if I'm going to be working in the open sun. It isn't a problem in the shade or during cool weather (which we don't get much of in Southern LA, not L.A.).

It is a sealed module so my next effort will be to dremel it open and find the issue... bad trace on the solder mask, a heat sink that has fallen off or the thermal paste has dried up. Because of the nature of the problem, it will be extremely difficult to find.

By the way, next time it dies (and you eventually get it to come back on), press and hold the headlight button for several seconds. It will display a code and I suspect it will be a 34-04.
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